About The Trust


The Vision of the College is to Promote educational activities especially for the economically deprived and weak students among the rural Masses of Malwa region of Punjab as envisaged by the Great Saint Attar Singh Ji in early 1900s. As a profound visionary with staunch aim and convention he undertook the task of educating the rural masses to help them to coalesce with the main stream population. The institution is determined to serve the society by catering to the educational needs of the students preparing in mind the weak socio-economic background. The college thrives to unfurl new horizons of teaching pedagogy educational practices and instructional methods and to progress in consonance with technological advancement in the field of education.



The Mission of the promoting body i.e. Akal College Council, GursagarMastuana Sahib is:-
  • To carry on the educational reforms movement started in early 1900s by  Sant Attar Singh ji, in order to promote Morality and Sobriety in life, to promulgate and to preach the teachings of the  Ten Gurus: to imbibe students of the Sikh faith and other religions with idealism and moral disciplines taught by the Gurus and fit them for a way of life that will bring credit to the community and the country; to develop the students with  meditation and of religious education and to produce worthy citizens of India
  • To open new educational institutions for rural Sikh masses and to work for propagation of the Sikhism along with traditional education.
  • To provide opportunities for educational, vocational, professional, social, linguistic and cultural development to the people of all abilities and backgrounds so that they can discover their potential and fulfil their aspirations.
  • To develop multidimensional personality of the students by providing an opportunity to participate in religious, cultural, co-curricular, theatrical, literary and sports activities.
  • To value originality and vision, encourage initiative and promote creativity.
  • To instil a sense of pride and achievement of personal accomplishment.
  • To promote creativity and value originality.
  • To engage in social welfare activities aimed at improving living conditions and general welfare of the poor and indigent persons of what so ever occupation, irrespective of race, caste, community or creed.
  • To promote deeper spiritual values in personal and community life.
  • To defuse such useful, secular, social and religious knowledge.
  • Promotion of Punjabi Language and culture. 
  • Imparting higher education to less privileged and deserving sections of our society.
  • To establish strong communication network between the college, parents, Alumni and the society at large to create healthy atmosphere for vision oriented growth. 
  • To contribute in the socio-economic development of the State of Punjab as well as of the country by providing eminent pass-outs in various streams.
  • To save, protect and maintain the heritage buildings built under the ageis of Sant Attar Singh Ji.


  • Quality: to enhance quality of education to make our students competitive.
  • Integrity and Honesty: To inculcate honesty and integrity in our students
  • Ambition: To make our students highly ambitious to achieve higher goals of life.
  • Excellence: To achieve excellence in all the fields: Cultural, social, educational and sports.
  • Unity: To strive and inculcate the spirit of unity and brotherhood
  • Responsibility: To make our students highly responsible so as to make them excellent citizens.
  • Pioneering: to make our institute pioneer in the whole region.
  • Community Service through Education:
  • Rural Youth Empowerment through Education:
  • Environment: To make our students in particular and community in general environment friendly.
  • Courage and Patriotism: To inculcate the spirit of patriotism and courage to make them responsive citizens of country.